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Mr. Aditya Bha. finished annual TRIZ-training


After 9 months on-line TRIZ training Mr. Aditya Bha. from India the 3d level of TRIZ knowledge is obtained.

Please read his review about training:

I am into consulting and took up this program as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Practitioner and certified Practitioner on ITRIZ Inventive Problem Solving and ITRIZ Anticipatory Failure Determination by Boris Zlotin and Dr. Alla Zusman.

For me the program was like performing a Hansei (Japanese for Reflection or Introspection) to assess the true potential of the mind in generating innovative ideas under seemingly impossible conditions. Each of the assignments has been carefully crafted to provide the learner with the opportunity to stimulate the thinking potential. Dr. Salamatov has been the embodiment of resolution of contradiction by being gentle and firm at the same time in guiding me through the learning process. There are two ways to learning, “The easy way and the right way”, and this program is about choosing the right way.

Not only did I personally benefit from the program, I was able to apply some of the concepts in my consulting and training assignments and was able to see instant transformation in the problem solving abilities of my clients, many of whom view TRIZ as a tool applicable only in the manufacturing context.

With as little as 2-3 days of formal training on parts of ARIZ (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving) and subsequent mentoring on projects, I have been able to get staff to start identifying technical contradictions (TC1, TC2), Selecting the Technical Contradiction aligned to the Main Production Process (MPP), conceptualize Ideal Final Result (IFR), make use of readily available Resources,  and use the Contradiction Matrix as well as Principles of resolving Contradiction to generate innovative ideas to meet the desired business objectives.  

Those who prescribe to the structured discipline of leading the Life of a Creative Person can greatly benefit from this program.

My learning under Dr. Salamatov continues as I now embark on my journey towards MATRIZ Level 4 certification.





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