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Congratulation!!! Mr. Tanasak Pheung. from Thailand finished 3d level TRIZ-training


When I looked back to see what actually my objectives to start the TRIZ-training, It’s just I want to know in deep for what is TRIZ? Before that I know just only the 40 principles. It’s not clearly and I cannot use such an individually to solve the problems. It seems like an incomplete tool. At that time I feel it should have something that I don’t know. That is the simple reason to seeking where and who in the world can give me the answer. And I found www.triz-guide.com.
During the training Dr. Salamatov teaches me by many practices. At that time I cannot understand why Dr. Salamatov give the very difficult cases, even some technology I never see before, But when I ask back to him, I remember with the precious word “Spirit of Invention” that change my mind, I will looking for any engineering or scientific knowledge or learning for any new technology that I’m never know, with combination of powerful methodology of TRIZ and RTV.
Today I know TRIZ is not just the tool that any people can bring to use, but It is the methodology that people must become “TRIZ being”  
When I start to solve the problem, it’s not required to looking for TRIZ tools which is suitable for the case. But my brain work automatically for systematic approach with high creative solution than ever, my thinking character is ready to challenge all of the difficult problems.
Thank you to Dr. Salamatov and IID team who always support during the training in any difficult time for me and my country. The training is end but the long term relationship with TRIZ expanding in my country under the support from IID will continue.


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