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Congratulation! Mr. Jakrapong Karnj. finished 3d level TRIZ-training


Congratulation!!! Mr. Jakrapong Karnj. from Thailand finished 1st level TRIZ-training. From 10/03/2008 till 10/25/2009 he has been trained by IID teachers in accordance with the 3d level program "Classical TRIZ training" of distance learning under Y.P.Salamatov supervision.

Review for training

IID training

“Spending time in Dr. Salamatov class was greatly appreciated and worthwhile, the curriculum and methodology of training significantly improved myself on precisely identifying technical problem, technical system understanding, exploring various types of technical system functions, formulating the abstract and function problem model, expressing the in depth technical analysis, be able to utilize TRIZ tools for imagination the out of box technical solutions in order to resolve the problems and get to level of outcome to be fit or close to ideal expectations. I could view the problem perspectives in wider and deeper approach which really help to find the solutions for both resolving the challenge at specific technical sore point and broadly systematic ways. During the training session, I could be able to attempt adapting TRIZ incorporated with the current available problem solving tools in manufacturing processes. The integrated tools were perfectly suit and could fulfill the tangibly absolute picture of “Line of Systematic Problem Solving”. Varieties of usual or complex problems could be undoubtedly described and tended to be resolved in both current situation and even has considerably extended the imagination to figure out also predicted future problems which will supplement to the technological and product required roadmap.

TRIZ Thinking” continuously formulated and flourished in my trail of problem solving and proved that really help to discover the right technical solutions in efficient and practical ways.

THANKS Dr. Salamatov and Mr. Kraev considerate towards the contribution of my honor TRIZ crucial knowledge.   


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