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Congratulation! M.Mahdev Prasad from Malaysia who finished 3d level TRIZ-training


Congratulation! Mr. M.Mahdev Prasad from Malaysia who finished 3d level TRIZ-training. During September 2009 - October 2010 he has been trained by IID teachers in accordance with the 1st level program "Classical TRIZ training" of distance learning under Y.P.Salamatov supervision.

Training review 

Being a Six Sigma practitioner, I have experienced solving complex problems using advance statistical tools and generally those tools are on finding the most optimum point using designed experiments and response surface study.  TRIZ exposed me to another paradigm of effective problem solving; that is about accurately identifying the contradictions and work along the way to reduce and finally eliminate the contradictions.  I feel more powerful and confident now when it comes to problem solving and TRIZ is an important tool in Design phase of the Design For Six Sigma DMADV approach.

I almost took about a year to complete the Level # 3 program and the experience with Dr. Salamatov and Dr. Oleg Kraev was fantastic.  It is not much about the theoretical part of TRIZ, but more on the experience in resolving the problems given in each module; TRIZ and RTV problem.  Throughout this course, my thinking has been totally changed and it initiates the process of breaking the psychological inertia.  I value each input given by Dr. Salamatov very much and would like to engage the rest of my life exploring further, using it to solve problems, promote and teach TRIZ.  I feel that this is a fundamental tool for every engineer who solves problems.   

Regards   M.Mahdev Prasad


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