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Device RGGD-1 is used for thin crushing, mixture and homogenization (leveling of concentration) various substances and materials. Simultaneously received slurry is pumped under a head pressure up to 20-30 m. The device is made of wearproof materials, therefore is used for processing both abrasive, and not abrasive mixes of organic and inorganic substances and products.
Principal of operating and advantages.
The following types of the equipment for disintegration are known:
  • Crushing machine with crushing bodies (spherical, beaded, vibrating, disintegrator).
  • Devices of self-crushing (drum-type, centrifugal, jet).
  • Explosive grinders (with dump of pressure, with use of explosives).
Lacks of these types of devices: deterioration of crushing bodies; dirtying by products of deterioration of a crushed material; the big power intensity of dispergation, low efficiency, aggregation (sticking) of the particles at increase of dispersibility of material. Last years the equipment for the dispergation with simultaneous homogenizationhas appeared:
  • Ultrasonic devices
  • Ultrasonic cavitation devices
  • Electrohydraulic devices
  • Rotary-pulse devices
  • Hydroshock apparatus
Ultrasonic devices are applied seldom and in specific conditions (for example, homogenization of mayonnaise), and electrohydraulic devices yet have not found application. The greatest distribution have the rotary-pulse devices (abroad) and coming on change them the hydroshock apparatus (have not analogues abroad yet).

There is a natural transition to way of dispergation of material in biphase medium (a material + a liquid), that allows to combine processes of dispergation and homogenization in the one device. As a liquid there can be water or any other liquid, for example, oil exuded at the crushing of nuts, a reprocessing of tomatoes or pea etc. It gives a possibility to use the physical properties of the second substance (incompressibility, a Pascal's laws, a Bernoulli's laws) and to apply new physical effects (hydraulic impact, cavitation, pulses of the high pressure, turbulence).

The method of dispergation of material in the biphase The method of dispergation of material in the biphase

Apparatus RHHD-1 provides dispergation and simultaneous mixing (homogenization) of materials. Basic elements of apparatus are a rotor and stator. In a rotor resonant chambers (resonators) are located on a circle. In stator the apertures - confusers. At the rotation of a rotor periodic overlapping of exhaust outlets of resonators occurs. Crushing occurs due to double (direct and return) hydraulic impact influence on a particle at the interruption of a stream of a pulp to the given frequency. The frequency is specially selected to equal own frequency of a rotor. Action of hydraulic impact has pulsing character. Crushing particles are exposed to hydraulic impact in the resonant chambers (resonators).. Due to concurrence of own frequency of resonators to frequency of pressure's pulses in chambers occurs repeated (in 10 times in comparison with rotary-pulse devices) increase of amplitude of pressure's value. Hydrodynamical processes in apparatus are accompanied by the advanced turbulence. It provides a high degree of homogenization of a processable material.

Now resonant hydroshock system RHHD-1 is the most effective and perspective type of the equipment for dispergation and homogenization.

Specifications of apparatus RHHD-1 (HYDROSHOCK).
Parametr Value Value Value
Feeding, t/h (on water)
2,4 (experimental) 50 (experimental) 200 (typical)
Head pressure, m
20 20 20
Frequency of rotation, r.p.m.
2900 2900 1450
  • Power, kWt
  • voltage, V
  • Current frequency, Hz
2,2 380 50 11 380 50 55 380 50
Dimensions, mm
  • length
  • width
  • height
800 400 350 1200 500 450 2100 7500 800
Mass, kg
40 110 1100
Specifications of processable material.
Density of hydromix
2200 kg/cubic meter
5-70 centigrade Celsius
Maxim. size of particles on an input up to
10 mm
Microhardness of particles up to
1100 MPa
The size of particles on an output
(depends from recycle of material)
Concentration in a liquid of
Analysis of the market.

Now it is real two types of the hydroshock equipment in the market are presented: rotary-pulse devices or their analogues and resonant hydroshock systems - RHHD-1 (are only in the Russian market). The basic manufacturers of rotary-pulse devices and the equipment presented by them are in table.

Mark of equipment/Internet-source of information
Arde Barinco, Inc.
Chemineer, Inc. Greerco Colloid Mill
Kinematica, Inc.
Megatron DisHo S System
KORUMA Maschinenbau GmbH
DisHo In-Line Colloid Mill
Silverson Machines, Inc.
High Shear Mixers
Characteristics of the equipment of rotary-pulse type are in the Appendix 1. The summary of the project is in Appendix 2.


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