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Congratulation!!! Mr. Stephane Sav. from Belgium finished 3d level TRIZ-training


Congratulation!!! Mr. Stephane Sav. from Belgium finished 3d level TRIZ-training. From 02/01/2007 till 06/20/2009 he has been trained by IID teachers in accordance with the 3d level program "Classical TRIZ training" of distance learning under Y.P.Salamatov supervision. Please read his review:

I have been interested in innovation and creativity since a long time. I wondered how it would be possible to enhance both, and how to approach them in a more structured way. When I discovered the existence of TRIZ at the end of 2004, I had the feeling I found the answer. Then I decided to buy and read a couple of TRIZ books. The concepts were very interesting from a theoretical point of view, but I found difficult to put them into practice in real problematic situations. It was a bit frustrating. Later I tried to find a TRIZ course. I found different offers (one week, one year…) of training or studies. But they were either incompatible with my professional/personal life or too short for my expectations. In early 2007 I found www.triz-guide.com and its offer of TRIZ training. I started immediately, and the training formula allowed me to adapt the training rhythm with the rhythms of my life (moving house, birth of my daughter, job change…).
This training experience turned out to be unique: actually the most exciting and interesting learning/training experience of my life.
Pr Salamatov is not only a TRIZ master. He also masters the art of teaching. Do not be surprised: he is a severe teacher who asks for hard work. But he is always fair and says honestly when it is false, when it is right, and gives you precious advice for further improvement. He grows you up.
Finally, Pr Salamatov taught me the essentials of TRIZ, improvement of creative imagination, and innovative design. My mind has changed: it is now more open and has won freedom; I see technical systems through the filter of TRIZ concepts. Furthermore I have gained TRIZ autonomy, so that I am confident to apply what I learnt to any situation with an innovation opportunity.
As a conclusion I greatly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn in practice how to invent and to innovate systematically, and how to solve difficult, non-routine problems.


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