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TRIZ training. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is originality of your TRIZ course?
Yuri P.Salamatov is the world known modern researcher, developer of TRIZ, a teacher and user of innovative application of TRIZ, TRIZ-Master, the follower of H.S. Altshuller, author of many books on TRIZ (translated in Holland, Japan, Romania, China, 2006, former USSR, Russia), author more than 60 inventions (copyright certificates USSR, patents of Russia and USA). He is the developer of a new course of TRIZ. He gives the training material, analyzes the solutions of the trained persons, and corrects a sequence and themes of training materials for each trained person individually. He chooses the training material in accordance with the speciality of the person. Step by step he is transforming his thinking into the strong creative thinking. He helps to choose the interesting theme for final work, which can be patented and very often serves the beginning of new business, becomes business of all life or starts of brilliant career. Yuri P.Salamatov is the leader of collective of the TRIZ teachers, is coordinating the courses of TRIZ, TRTS (theory of technical system evolution), RTV (improvement of creative imagination) and innovative design in uniform training process. We give the unique opportunity to become the trained person of the world known TRIZ Master and to receive a true estimation of your abilities from him and to achieve creative level after training.
What are benefits from training?
The trained person as the social person obtains new skills which helps actively to influence on the social environment with the purpose of personal success in life achievement. His creative potential, strong thinking and the experience of the problem solving obtained during training give him high competitive advantages in career, at the formulation and problem solving, at statement and achievement of the purposes. Received after training certificate with the signature of the widely known TRIZ Master Y.P.Salamatov has a high priority, an authority and on the future the "weight" of the certificate will be increased only. There will be moments in life when you can be proud of it.
What is target group of trained persons?
This is absolutely unimportant for us a speciality, an occupation (work) or style of life of trained person. Unique requirement is the person should understand technical problems. These problems are educational. Therefore they contain all necessary data sufficient for the solution. Data do not demand special knowledge. Certainly, persons with the technical education have some advantages. But they cannot be obligatory. Among thousand persons who have been studied by Mr. Salamatov with the technical education minority. Mainly they are people with creative thinking, students, businessmen, schoolboys, and teachers.
Can I have a guarantee?
We can’t give guarantees that you finish training (all depends only for you, from intention to study). A guarantee is that you will increase your own creative potential. We are absolutely sure. A guarantee is that you will find a theme of final work. There will be no problems. Guarantee, that you successfully protect final work at a level of the invention is 99,99 %. Guarantee that you’ll receive international certificate MATRIZ is 100 % (under condition of the previous achievement).
If one person is capable to perceive TRIZ faster than another whether there will be identical program of training for that and another one?
Speed of perceiving of TRIZ knowledge is different for everyone. For the same period of education different persons perceive different quantity of TRIZ knowledge. Therefore, the trained person himself adjusts speed of perceive of knowledge and can increase its quantity up to 40-45 % (at 1-year course), up to 75-80 % (at 2-year course) and up to 100 % (full level is 3 year). Full level contains all chapters of theory (TRIZ, TRTS, RTV, innovational design).
How can I start TRIZ training with IID?
Please, fill the questionnaire of the form and send it by e-mail info@triz-guide.com. Than you should wait for some days, there will be the answer with some additional questions. Please send a fee for study after our positive decision. The fee for the TRIZ course is 250 € per month. The standard course contains 36 lessons, duration of 12 months, fee 3000 €. I.e. standard training is 3 lessons per one month.
How many IID teachers train one person?
The amount of teachers changes from the minimum (2) up to the maximum (5). Because of it the collective is occupied also with other works. The curriculum can be redistributed between teachers. All trained persons are under the supervision of TRIZ Master Y.P. Salamatov. He estimates the most of works.
On what levels is possible to be certified in IID?
According to the levels accepted by MATRIZ, the regional commission has the right to certify following levels:
·      1-st level is TRIZmen, elementary knowledge of TRIZ;
·      2-nd level is TRIZ-connoisseur, the basic knowledge of TRIZ;
·      3-rd level is TRIZ-profit, the profound knowledge of TRIZ.  
4-th and 5-th levels certifies by MATRIZ only.
How certification of TRIZ-experts is carried out?
The applicant of international MATRIZ’s certificate receives a set of the tasks developed by Y.P. Salamatov. These tasks are officially approved by MATRIZ for the purpose of certification of applicants. Time for the solution of tasks is limited. Usually these are 2-3 days. In accordance with the results the commission makes a decision on conformity to the level of TRIZ knowledge.
What if I shall not cope with certification tasks, my money will be failed?
There is a "small secret" of our collective. We state unknown problems for the persons with high abilities because we are sure in their success. But you see the unknown problem can be solved as one of educational problem. And we shall state the leading questions. Openly, weak pupils will not receive the certificate (nobody was not such person while). And one half of fee for certification will be returned back to them.
How many will I pay for testing procedure?
Testing procedure for 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd level corresponds to 500 €, 1500 € and 3000 €. The sum is transferred before procedure. There is a discount.


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