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 Invitation letter


  Ladies and Gentlemans!

World-known TRIZ-Master Y.P.Salamatov agree to join you to on-line TRIZ training in accordance with the annual program of a standard course

You have a unique opportunity to get TRIZ knowledge’s from TRIZ-Master (this is the highest level in TRIZ), the Director of Institute of Innovative Design (IID) Yury P. Salamatov, PhD. 
Yury P. Salamatov is the famos modern researcher,
TRIZ developer, a teacher and practitioner of TRIZ innovative application, TRIZ-Master, H.S. Altshuller follower, author of many books on TRIZ (translated in Holland, Japan, Romania, China, former USSR and Russia), author more than 60 inventions (USSR copyright certificates, patents of Russia and USA). He is the developer of a new course of TRIZ. He gives the training material, analyzes the solutions of the trained persons, and corrects a sequence and themes of training materials for each trained person individually. He chooses the training material in accordance with the speciality of the person. Step by step he is transforming the thinking into the strong creative thinking. He helps to choose the interesting theme for final work, which can be patented and very often serves the beginning of new business, becomes business of all life or starts of brilliant career. Yury P. Salamatov is the TRIZ teacher group leader, is coordinating the courses TRIZ, TRTS (theory of technical system evolution), RTV (improvement of creative imagination) and innovative design in uniform training process. We give the unique opportunity to become the trained person of the world-known TRIZ-Master and to receive a true estimation of your abilities from him and to achieve creative level after training.
Today we have persons who studies on-line annual course. They are from USA, India, Belgium, Belarus, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Thaiwan, Thailand, Kenya and others. Please, refer page with finished and MATRIZ/IID certified persons
The main feature of Salamatov's course consist in individually approach to every trained person. Mr.Salamatov and TRIZ teachers (co-workers) adapt course according to peculiarities of person abilities. He change problems to be solved and teaching material. He lead trainee to the best training results.
Duration of 3-d level course is about 1 year (included 36 lessons). Approximate term of task performance is 10 days. A speed of training is varied by the person himself. On this page
(http://www.triz-guide.com/reviews.html) you can see different terms of training.
The aim of training is formation of the thinking changed by TRIZ basis. Change of thinking occurs under influence of studied
TRIZ tools and home tasks are made independently.
Change of thinking does not occur at too fast and too slow training. Therefore it is not recommended to carry out the task faster than 5-7 days and after 20-30 days.
The TRIZ study is led by our site (personal web page). After TRIZ course the person will get the IID certificate (free) corresponding to the level of person study and/or (at will) an International TRIZ Association certificate (1-3 level) for additional payment.
To start training you'll sign the contract. If you'll have any questions, please, ask about or we'll send you the contract.

We drastically reduce fee for training for group of 2,3 or ...10 persons.

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 TRIZ-courses on-line 

The program of training is individual, the themes and tasks vary during the course of training depending on a level of successes of the person. To view the program of one year TRIZ training. It is possible to divide course on the following parts: It approximately corresponds to: 

- Beginning course, 3-6 months, corresponds to the 1-st level of MA TRIZ certification, 
- Introduction course, 6-9 months, corresponds to the 2-nd level of MA TRIZ certification.
- Base course, 12-18 months, corresponds to the 3-rd level of MA TRIZ certification, innovative design.

Final work

The final work (as a rule, at a level of the invention, solution of a real industrial problem) is carried out after year studying. The full period of TRIZ studying is about 3 year.  
The intensity of course can vary from soft to hard. So, the course with duration 12-18 months can be studied for 10-12 months. It depends from the efforts, abilities of the trained person.


According to results of training the certificate of IID is given or the documents on MA TRIZ certification are made out (at additional fee). 

Corporative training

Institute of Innovative Design carries out the corporative TRIZ study. The groups of employees can be taught by certificated TRIZ specialists of IID under the supervision of Master TRIZ.

Fee for study

The fee for the TRIZ course is 250 € per month. The standard course contains 36 lessons, duration of 12 months, fee 3000 €. i.e. standard training is 3 lessons per one month.

You can have discount when you pay for more than 3 month.
More than 3 month, discount will be 5%.
More than 6 month, discount will be 7%.
More than 10 month, discount will be 10%. 

IID tutorial

 IID provides full set of TRIZ tutorial. Please view short beginning of every lesson on youtube.com


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