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Test problem on inventive abilities level


Problem about artificial limbs: Whether two left legs are necessary for John?

At prosthetics of legs very important that the artificial leg was exactly copy of another live right leg. It would seem to make it simply: to make the copy of the live leg and to cast in it artificial one. But so it is impossible, because two left or two right legs are necessary for nobody. How to be? 
The contradiction: it is necessary to make the copy that the artificial leg was similar to live, and it is impossible to make the copy because two right legs turn out. 
May be, to make the copy from Ted’s friend or from his wife? No it isn’t right solution...

How to be? Which type of PI (psyhological inertia) the problem condition generates?

Clearly, vacuum drying (with the purpose of rapid suction of gas from the varnish layer while it is in liquid state) or the use of other sophisticated but bulky devices does not constitute an innovative solution. An utterly simple and witty idea was put forth: covering the wafer with a varnish foam so that the bubbles of gas become a part of foam during drying and do not break the air-tightness of the coating. And again about robots.

Problem 2

The introduction of robots en masse led to frequent cases of ‘robotic revolts’. In England, a robot was transporting nuclear waste to a storehouse at an atomic power station when suddenly it went whirlgigging at a dangerously small distance to a concrete wall. Luckily, the technician managed to cut the power cable quickly. In Bulgaria, a manipulator first hit its creator on the back and then began to operate smoothly. In the USA, a robot that performed as a loader inside a reactor suddenly started knocking at its own frame with a steel arm and tumbled down in a few minutes. At a radio works in England, the press photographer’s electronic flash triggered the infrared ‘eyes’ of the fire-detecting robot that discharged its whole load of foam at the guests invited to a ceremony...

Malfunction of censors, unexpected faults in the ‘brains’ of robots are the source of danger for humans. Suppose a man notices that an accident is imminent. How can one, at a safe passing distance, down the unmanageable robot by stopping it, re-programming it or switching it off?


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