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10/11/16 23:59
Congratulation!!! Mr. Indranil Roy Chowdhury from UAE finished 2nd level TRIZ-training

08/05/16 12:34
Feedback on TRIZ-level 2 completion from IID

22/03/16 22:40
Mr. Aditya Bhala TRIZ training review

15/01/14 16:17
Mr. Mathieu Lebrault finished 2nd level TRIZ-training

21/01/13 10:45
IID provides course "How to work with Goldfire Innovator"

25/04/12 10:14
IID provides e-learning course with full set of TRIZ tutorial

14/10/11 12:35
IID provides full set of tutorial on TRIZ

02/09/11 23:47
Congratulation!!! Dr. Saurabh Kwatra from India finished 2nd level TRIZ-training

23/05/11 09:54
Congratulation! Mr. Zied Triki from Tunisia who finished 1st level TRIZ-training

13/05/11 13:13
IID gives creative portrait for trainee

07/04/11 11:05
Congratulation!!! Mr. Charlie Lutaud from France finished 1st level TRIZ-training

22/03/11 12:13
IID created 3 US patents in the information technologies area FUTURE VIRTUAL WORLD

20/03/11 14:08
Congratulation!!! Dr. Saurabh Kwatra from India finished 1st level TRIZ-training

18/03/11 21:55
Dr. Saurabh Kwatra visit

13/01/11 12:18
Congratulation! Mr. Andras Steger finished 3d level TRIZ-training

05/10/10 09:53
Congratulation! M.Mahdev Prasad from Malaysia who finished 3d level TRIZ-training

23/07/10 01:03
Congratulation! Mr. Peter Warmbier from Germany who finished 1st level TRIZ-training

08/04/10 12:18
The Y.Salamatov's book published in India.

31/12/09 16:48
Happy New Year!!! Invitation to begin TRIZ training.

27/10/09 12:33
Congratulation! Mr. Jakrapong Karnj. finished 3d level TRIZ-training

24/07/09 23:15
Congratulation!!! Mr. Tanasak Pheung. from Thailand finished 3d level TRIZ-training

23/06/09 11:21
Congratulation!!! Mr. Stephane Sav. from Belgium finished 3d level TRIZ-training

05/03/09 11:21
Congratulation! Mr. Jakrapong Karnj. finished 1st level TRIZ-training

02/02/09 22:17
Congratulations!!! TRIZ Association of ASIA registered.

12/01/09 12:35
"The right solution at the right time" in Сhina

30/12/08 13:26
Happy New Year!

19/11/08 20:44
Mr. Aditya Bha. finished annual TRIZ-training

27/10/08 16:24
Who finished TRIZ-training

20/10/08 17:07
Mr. Pankaj Vora visit

28/04/08 21:31
TRIZ course with Y.Salamatov in Siberian Federal University

26/04/08 20:43
Congratulations to TRIZ-coleagues!

05/07/10 10:06
1st international conference with elements of scientific school for youth «International university of an inventor: training of inventive and rationalization skills»

19/02/10 22:02
We are pleased to announce you the ETRIA World TRIZ Future Conference which will take place in: BERGAMO (Italy), 3rd – 5th of November 2010

05/05/09 11:18
New TRIZ book published

30/12/08 20:06
Tech Innovations for Tough Times

16/10/08 22:15
Site www.triz-guide.com updated


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