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Mr. Mathieu Lebrault finished 2nd level TRIZ-training


It was the first time for me having a e-training/e-learning. So it is not a comparison with already existing training that I am going to do in following comments, but only giving my feed-back about TRIZ e-learning based on Y.  Salamatov documents.

I heard about method to improve performances in a plant or in offices (LEAN), to improve quality of products (Six Sigma), and so on. But I really thought than creativity was a part of what we are made of, that no method could really develop or support allowing people doing innovation. As a creative guy, I was really curious about this method.

It was really interesting to see results of TRIZ tools on the way you think, and way you handle a problem. It is not immediate, and certainly required practical case to develop continuously skills in this domain. But the first step in each situation, is to manage to describe it well. Once it is done, way to improve, way to think, way to change the situation is actually much more easier. A very good point is the fact that the e-learning is not only read “method-problem-solutions” but also solve problem by yourself, and really step by step learn the “how to” use TRIZ, making this training more practical than theoretical.

I mean, it’s only by fishing that you became a fisherman. It is the same in TRIZ, the aim is to be able to handle a problem with TRIZ all alone. And this method consist in exactly doing that.

I was astonished to see how much my creativity could be increased/improved, even if I thought that I was already creative, I was far from the results that TRIZ allow me reaching.

As a conclusion, I can say that TRIZ is transforming unconscious creativity into conscious mechanisms to boost our creativity in time and in performances. Really exiting mater !


I really would like to thanks Mr Salamatov and the team involved for this training. It takes time to well handle it, but surely give back  much more.


Thanks a lot in advance.


With best regards


Mathieu Lebrault

TRIZ independant consultant, France


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