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TRIZ training participant review

Name Country  Level  IID certificate  MATRIZ certificate  Creative portrait
Saurabh Kwatra
India 1    

Training term: September 2010 - April 2011

 "Learning TRIZ from IID was a great experience. TRIZ is a unique design methodology much different from others. In TRIZ, a contradiction (Technical or Physical) is discovered, disclosed & even intensified & then finally resolved to generate an elegant inventive solution. No compromises or hidden trade-offs are accepted. Kind of win-win situation. Expertise of honorable Professor Salamatov & cooperation by Mr.Oleg Kraev were appreciated. Another speciality of TRIZ is its wide range applicability: engineering, business administration, politics, etc. etc.. Also TRIZ training can be adjusted and customized to any level: from high school student to university professor. I strongly recommend this great Russian system to all. I also advise that we all realize the gigantic & unrivalled contribution of Russians to global science & technology."

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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Andras Steger
Hungary/India 3

Training term: April 2010 - January 2011

 "It was a great experience to participate on that training. I learned a lot. Thanks for they continuous support for Dr. Salamatov & Karev Oleg. They helped for me a lot. My main activity area is the Quality & Improvement of it. I see a big opportunity to solve the shop floor issues with TRIZ. I propose this training for all Designers, Quality Persons, Leaders or for another Persons, who want to solve the problems in a dramatically different, effective & efficient way.

After Six Sigma & Lean, this approach have to conquer the world !

Nowadays we have 1 000 000 engineers with many degrees and may be 1 person with TRIZ certificate.
This ratio have to change ! For this mission I wish a successful journey to IID."
Thanks again and Kind Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
M.Mahadev Prasad Malaysia 3

Training term: September 2009 - September 2010

Being a Six Sigma practitioner, I have experienced solving complex problems using advance statistical tools and generally those tools are on finding the most optimum point using designed experiments and response surface study.  TRIZ exposed me to another paradigm of effective problem solving; that is about accurately identifying the contradictions and work along the way to reduce and finally eliminate the contradictions.  I feel more powerful and confident now when it comes to problem solving and TRIZ is an important tool in Design phase of the Design For Six Sigma DMADV approach.

I almost took about a year to complete the Level # 3 program and the experience with Dr. Salamatov and Dr. Oleg Kraev was fantastic.  It is not much about the theoretical part of TRIZ, but more on the experience in resolving the problems given in each module; TRIZ and RTV problem.  Throughout this course, my thinking has been totally changed and it initiates the process of breaking the psychological inertia.  I value each input given by Dr. Salamatov very much and would like to engage the rest of my life exploring further, using it to solve problems, promote and teach TRIZ.  I feel that this is a fundamental tool for every engineer who solves problems.  


Best Regards,
M.Mahadev Prasad                        
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Peter Warmbier Germany 1

Training Term: December 2009 – June 2010

In the beginning I was skeptical whether the TRIZ-Training would enrich my research as a Computer Scientist. Today I can say that thanks to Dr. Salamatov’s training my horizon has broadened a lot, not only in the realm of computer science, but rather in all aspects of life. I am more creative and I am able to apply this creativity more quickly to the challenges that I face. I definitely see the world more analytical and structured.

I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in the natural, computer and of course, the engineer sciences.

As soon as my personal schedule permits, I will strive for level three certification.

Kind Regards
Peter W.
Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Jakrapong Karnj. Thailand 3

Training term: 11/03/2008 - 10/25/2009

IID training

“Spending time in Dr. Salamatov class was greatly appreciated and worthwhile, the curriculum and methodology of training significantly improved myself on precisely identifying technical problem, technical system understanding, exploring various types of technical system functions, formulating the abstract and function problem model, expressing the in depth technical analysis, be able to utilize TRIZ tools for imagination the out of box technical solutions in order to resolve the problems and get to level of outcome to be fit or close to ideal expectations. I could view the problem perspectives in wider and deeper approach which really help to find the solutions for both resolving the challenge at specific technical sore point and broadly systematic ways. During the training session, I could be able to attempt adapting TRIZ incorporated with the current available problem solving tools in manufacturing processes. The integrated tools were perfectly suit and could fulfill the tangibly absolute picture of “Line of Systematic Problem Solving”. Varieties of usual or complex problems could be undoubtedly described and tended to be resolved in both current situation and even has considerably extended the imagination to figure out also predicted future problems which will supplement to the technological and product required roadmap.

TRIZ Thinking” continuously formulated and flourished in my trail of problem solving and proved that really help to discover the right technical solutions in efficient and practical ways.

THANKS Dr. Salamatov and Mr. Kraev considerate towards the contribution of my honor TRIZ crucial knowledge.

Best Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
 Tanasak Pheung. Thailand 3

Training term: August 2007 - July 2009

When I looked back to see what actually my objectives to start the TRIZ-training, It’s just I want to know in deep for what is TRIZ? Before that I know just only the 40 principles. It’s not clearly and I cannot use such an individually to solve the problems. It seems like an incomplete tool. At that time I feel it should have something that I don’t know. That is the simple reason to seeking where and who in the world can give me the answer. And I found www.triz-guide.com.
During the training Dr. Salamatov teaches me by many practices. At that time I cannot understand why Dr. Salamatov give the very difficult cases, even some technology I never see before, But when I ask back to him, I remember with the precious word “Spirit of Invention” that change my mind, I will looking for any engineering or scientific knowledge or learning for any new technology that I’m never know, with combination of powerful methodology of TRIZ and RTV.
Today I know TRIZ is not just the tool that any people can bring to use, but It is the methodology that people must become “TRIZ being”.
When I start to solve the problem, it’s not required to looking for TRIZ tools which is suitable for the case. But my brain work automatically for systematic approach with high creative solution than ever, my thinking character is ready to challenge all of the difficult problems.
Thank you to Dr. Salamatov and IID team who always support during the training in any difficult time for me and my country. The training is end but the long term relationship with TRIZ expanding in my country under the support from IID will continue. 

Best Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Stephane Sav. Belgium 3

Training term: February 2008 - June 2009

I have been interested in innovation and creativity since a long time. I wondered how it would be possible to enhance both, and how to approach them in a more structured way. When I discovered the existence of TRIZ at the end of 2004, I had the feeling I found the answer. Then I decided to buy and read a couple of TRIZ books. The concepts were very interesting from a theoretical point of view, but I found difficult to put them into practice in real problematic situations. It was a bit frustrating. Later I tried to find a TRIZ course. I found different offers (one week, one year…) of training or studies. But they were either incompatible with my professional/personal life or too short for my expectations. In early 2007 I found www.triz-guide.com and its offer of TRIZ training. I started immediately, and the training formula allowed me to adapt the training rhythm with the rhythms of my life (moving house, birth of my daughter, job change…).
This training experience turned out to be unique: actually the most exciting and interesting learning/training experience of my life.
Pr Salamatov is not only a TRIZ master. He also masters the art of teaching. Do not be surprised: he is a severe teacher who asks for hard work. But he is always fair and says honestly when it is false, when it is right, and gives you precious advice for further improvement. He grows you up.
Finally, Pr Salamatov taught me the essentials of TRIZ, improvement of creative imagination, and innovative design. My mind has changed: it is now more open and has won freedom; I see technical systems through the filter of TRIZ concepts. Furthermore I have gained TRIZ autonomy, so that I am confident to apply what I learnt to any situation with an innovation opportunity.
As a conclusion I greatly recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn in practice how to invent and to innovate systematically, and how to solve difficult, non-routine problems.

Best Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Jakrapong Karnj. Thailand 1

Training term: 11/03/2008 - 03/05/2009

Congratulation!!! Mr. Jakrapong Karnj. from Thailand finished 1st level TRIZ-training. From 11/03/2008 till 03/05/2009 he has been trained by IID teachers in accordance with the 1st level program "Classical TRIZ training" of distance learning under Y.P.Salamatov supervision.

“I work in manufacturing operation and have plenty of Systematic Problem Solving and Six Sigma experiences, clearly found that some of technical problems could not be precisely resolved such ways. After uncovering TRIZ methodology and tried to have self learning from various articles, realized that it would not be sufficient and required more study from TRIZ master as to formulate my sharpening thinking process. Spending time on TRIZ learning with Dr Salamatov was greatly appreciated and worthwhile since learning process steps could really improve my thinking to be stronger and grew higher confidence to overcome current manufacturing engineering contradiction and technical issues, guided to discover latent resources which could be lead to successful solution.

Learning process was tough but really practical. I continue my learning to the next level.”

Best Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Aditya Bha. India 3

Training term: February 2008 - November 2008

I am into consulting and took up this program as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Practitioner and certified Practitioner on ITRIZ Inventive Problem Solving and ITRIZ Anticipatory Failure Determination by Boris Zlotin and Dr. Alla Zusman.

For me the program was like performing a Hansei (Japanese for Reflection or Introspection) to assess the true potential of the mind in generating innovative ideas under seemingly impossible conditions. Each of the assignments has been carefully crafted to provide the learner with the opportunity to stimulate the thinking potential. Dr. Salamatov has been the embodiment of resolution of contradiction by being gentle and firm at the same time in guiding me through the learning process. There are two ways to learning, “The easy way and the right way”, and this program is about choosing the right way.

Not only did I personally benefit from the program, I was able to apply some of the concepts in my consulting and training assignments and was able to see instant transformation in the problem solving abilities of my clients, many of whom view TRIZ as a tool applicable only in the manufacturing context.

With as little as 2-3 days of formal training on parts of ARIZ (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving) and subsequent mentoring on projects, I have been able to get staff to start identifying technical contradictions (TC1, TC2), Selecting the Technical Contradiction aligned to the Main Production Process (MPP), conceptualize Ideal Final Result (IFR), make use of readily available Resources,  and use the Contradiction Matrix as well as Principles of resolving Contradiction to generate innovative ideas to meet the desired business objectives.  

Those who prescribe to the structured discipline of leading the Life of a Creative Person can greatly benefit from this program.

My learning under Dr. Salamatov continues as I now embark on my journey towards MATRIZ Level 4 certification.

Best Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Yung Chin Hsi. Taiwan 3

Training term: Julay 2007 - October 2008

Dear friends: Before I started IID courses, I had learned and studied TRIZ for couples of years. I strengthen my capability of solving problems with TRIZ significantly only after I attended IID course. IID course materials are elegantly and rationally arranged with affluent contents. Each lesson inspires strong thinking with breaking psychological inertia. The learning process was tough, but it really worked. I invested a lot of time. Without the encouragement and kindly patience of Dr. Salamatov, I do not think I can finish it along with my busy daily job. I strongly recommend that you have the TRIZ education from IID. You can have real benefits from it.   

Best Regards,
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Name Country Level IID certificate MATRIZ certificate Creative portrait
Shree Ph. Mad. India 3

Training term: Julay 2007 - Junuary 2008

As for the course, I would like to state that this has been my best course in my professional life. Mr Salamatov during the entire period of the course helped me develop a very good understanding of what TRIZ is and what it is Not. At the end of this course I can confidently state that my inventive abilities have gone up tremendously.I am a Master Black belt in Six Sigma, and after going though this course i am extremely convinced that any methodology like Six Sigma or lean should be taught to people only after this course is underataken as this makes you a strong thinking indivisual and then if followed with methods like Lean or Six Sigma, You will become a better problem solver and a good thinker. There are many problems that one faces in the industry that can be solved easily once this thinking is engrained in ones thought.I would personally like to thank Mr Salamatov and his guidance during the course. I would recomend this course to anybody who seriously wants to learn TRIZ the right way.  

Regards, Shree                          Send a question

 Name Country  Level  IID certificate  MATRIZ certificate  Creative portrait 
Craig Daniel Bn. USA 3

Training term: Junuary 2007 - Junuary 2008

I would highly recommend Dr. Salamotov's approach to teaching the fundamentals of TRIZ to anyone interested in building both a sound theoretical understanding and the ability to practically apply TRIZ in their problem solving endeavors. The combination of TRIZ fundamentals, enhancement of creative skills and approach to innovative design are far beyond what is, in my understanding, generally taught in an accelerated "seminar" style curriculum. Specific highlights of the training include:

  • The timing is flexible and the ability to work around life and work commitments is a distinct benefit.

  • The ability to spend time (days) thinking about and learning from problems and lessons should not be underestimated. In a seminar type curriculum, the student is forced to jump from topic to topic rapidly and does not have the opportunity to genuinely "think" about what they are doing or learning before moving to another lesson. It is left to them to apply their knowledge outside of the seminar without the guidance and mentorship provided by a TRIZ Master such as Dr. Salamotov.

  • Dr. Salamotov is a fair teacher who is willing to give honest feedback. In researching his teaching approach before entering the training I found that many people active in the TRIZ community, including those who have partnered with him in publishing, identify his unique ability to convey complex topics in simpler terms (and with much enthusiasm!) as a strength. I would agree with their assessment.

  • The training is provided at a fair price and I found IID to conduct all business transactions in a prompt and professional manner.

In summary, any prospective TRIZ trainee who is interested in truly learning and applying TRIZ to enhance and accelerate their problem solving should consider pursuing Dr. Salamotov's curriculum.

Dear, Mr. Craig D. Bn.                  Send a question

 Name Country  Level  IID certificate  MATRIZ certificate  Creative portrait 
Abdul-Rhman Am. Bh. Saudi Arabia 3

Training term: November 2005 - Junuary 2008

             Dear, Dr. Salamatov

To give a clear view about my reply about the training, it must be consider these points:

1. Teacher: Dr. Yuri Salamatov as he is known in the globe, he is an effective TRIZ Master, sharply innovator, author of a lot of (patents, papers, & books), & one of the fewer colleagues near to Mr. Altushler. But what I discover from this course is more. He is: - Frankly teacher, which criticize honestly. - Originally developer, he knows what are the limits. - Remotely in-direct guide to the right way of TRIZ. - Pushing consistency to self imagination of the trainee. - Patient & generous man. - Serious coach.

2. Training: As design engineer, I am fully-time occupied. It was difficult to me to get an enough time to learning TRIZ in short time. But with the training in IID (Institute of Innovative Design) there is a flexibility of time that help me much. And there are some points distinguish this training program: - It is an official authorized by MATRIZ "The Russian Academy of TRIZ". - It covers all TRIZ aspects, ARIZ, Standards, … ect. - Stepwise strategy of education. And reoriented to the trainee progress needs. - Suitable pricing, by compare with another semi courses in the world. - Enough time to learn, there is no hurry effect badly on the quality. - A lot of amount of material (36 lessons with more than 666 pages). - Realistic, wide spread home problems (63 problems homework's). - Special educational material, new examples, new problems. It is much than what available in the valuable text-book of Mr. Salamatov "the right solution at the right time". - In-focus & fast feedback.

3. Theory: Every one study this theory "TRIZ", he will notes these notes: - Strongly evidence basement, it is based on 2-Million patents. - Tremendously change of the brain works strategy in general. - Giving unlimited of psychological confidence to solve hard problems. - Clear & well organized theory. - It's answer in practice to the question of human: Can I invent?  

4. Trainee: When I was in university, I was interested in the methodology of solving the problems. I read some books of Dr. George Polya, which it was good but not satisfy my deep wants. When I found TRIZ by internet, I feel it likes a treasure. May I am lucky when I heard: I am the first Arab person who is officially certified by MATRIZ & IID to use & teach TRIZ.

Thanks, Abdulrhman Amer Bugnah     Send a question



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