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Inventive test

Problem 1. How to reduce time of boiling of water with the help of immersion heater? Use available field and substance resources (that already present in system). It means that near to heater the water practically instantly starts to boil. Bubbles, which are formed at spiral, are good thermal protection. And bubbles prevent heat penetration next into water. And even if these bubbles move away, on their place instantly new appear. This blanket of bubbles strongly prevents heating of water. If it will be possible to remove or move this blanket it will be possible to heat up water and in 5 %, and twice faster. 
Problem 2. There are 50 candles which burned in a room; 20 from them have blown. How many candles remain?
Problem 3. On edge of the table they have put tin, which densely closed by a cover so, that 2/3 shares of tin hanged down from the table. A bit later the tin has fallen down. What was in the tin?
Problem 4. One train goes from Moscow to St.-Petersburg with delay of 10 minutes, and another one - from St.-Petersburg to Moscow with delay of 20 minutes. Which from these trains will be closer to Moscow when they will meet?
Problem 5. With what speed the dog should run in order don’t hear sound of griddle, adhered to its tail?
Problem 6. In the 12-th floor house there is a lift. On a ground floor only 2 persons live; from floor to floor the quantity of tenants is increased twice. Which button in the lift of this house is pressed more often than others?
Problem 7. Before you see a jug with water and a crystal glass which up to the top it is necessary to fill with water from this jug. But it is necessary to satisfy the following condition: in a jug should remain exactly water, it was prior to the beginning of your actions.
Problem 8. In the beginning of the First World War a uniform of British soldiers contains a brown service cap made of cloth. They haven’t metal helmets. A bit later command of army was alarmed with a plenty of wounds in a head. It was decided to replace cap with the metal helmet. But soon command was surprised having found out that the amount of wounds in the head has increased. It is necessary to notice, that intensity of battles was approximately identical before introduction of helmets. The Joint Staff was in full perplexity. Why the amount of wounds in the head has increased, when soldiers began to put on helmets, instead of caps?
Problem 9. This is cheese:

Cut it by 3 direct lines on 8 equal parts. Offer two ways.


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