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IID gives creative portrait for trainee


Annual, 360 hours, “Bases of Innovative Design” e-learning course
Author of the course: Dr. Y.P. Salamatov, http://triz-guide.com

Aim of the training: to transform the way of thinking from the usual, average engineer thinking level up to the inventor thinking level.
Tools for the transformation of the way of thinking: TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), FSA (Function-System Analysis), RTV (Improvement of Creative Imagination).
Short characteristics of the trainee:
Dr. Stéphane Savelli, training term (February 2007 – June 2009), final work (Elimination of the dental mirror’s pollution caused by tooth drilling), 3rd level MATRIZ certificate (03/00827/A-26), IID gold certificate (Bg/№03/0006, 06.25.2009).
During the training the following basic mind qualities were newly acquired, developed and supervised: dialecticalness, logicalness, systems thinking and imagination.
Dr. Stéphane Savelli has acquired steady skills at formulating and solving contradictions in technical systems. The skills at combining and dividing opposite requirements (properties, actions) for the same object always result in a knowledge jump, in the occurrence of new knowledge, and in inventions. Evolution has not given the human species the ability to overcome contradictions by a natural thinking method. Therefore dialectics is fundamental to thinking innovatively in front of modern difficult problems.
Dr. Stéphane Savelli masters algorithmic process and strict thinking discipline. This helps him to see the true reasons for a given problem and to take into account all possible solution variants. He is able to analyze any problem as being a harmful property of a system. He takes into account all links in the system, its hierarchical structure and he precisely and definitely determines the "ill" place within it. The system analysis of the problem allows him to see the reasons for the conflict at the micro-level and to choose the necessary change to be made with the help of the TRIZ information database.
Dr. Stéphane Savelli masters successfully the principles and methods for the improvement of creative imagination. He is able to overcome psychological inertia and to avoid the use of stereotypes (a problem is considered to be creative or inventive if there is no stereotype available for its solving).
Creative achievements: Dr. Stéphane Savelli has successfully solved difficult, inventive educational problems; he has carried out his final work on a real subject at the invention level and has created ideas and concepts which can be patented.
General conclusion: Dr. Stéphane Savelli is a completely trained inventor. He is a creative person with creative plans and purposes in his whole life, he has innovative design skills, and he can solve real difficult problems.

Director, Ph.D., TRIZ Master                                     Y.P. Salamatov          


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