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Feedback on TRIZ-level 2 completion from IID


Hello Everybody,

My name is Nirmal Saini. I am a Certified Master Black Belt (MBB) professional with 14 years of rich experience in Total Quality Management, Lean & Six Sigma, Industrial / Manufacturing Engineering, Human Capital Systems, Strategic & Operational Data Analysis, Organizational Excellence and Process Re-engineering.

My TRIZ journey has been very exciting and full of continual leaning under the expert guidance of Dr. Yuri Salamatov whereby I have successfully completed TRIZ level 2.   TRIZ has enhanced my critical & innovative thinking capabilities by which I have become more confident in facing and solving the practical problems with more and more new ideas.  Also, I would like to thank Mr Oleg Kraev for his continuing guidance, support and direction.  I am now pursuing TRIZ Level 3 with Dr Salamatov and thrilled in taking up my new final work assignment in order to develop/invent entirely new product/service to contribute societal development.

TRIZ is unique thinking methodology and definitely enhances individual’s mental capabilities in resolving tough and challenging problems while developing innovative solutions.

The combination of theory, challenging problems and ICI/RTV methods makes IID course that takes deep into the classical TRIZ and harness new powers in visualizing and attempting the valuable solutions of multi-facet problems.

I believe TRIZ complements all problem-solving methodologies and holds the highest standard among all such tools - by providing new dimensions to the innovative thinking, increasing individual’s creativity to find new solutions to the same problem where all other methodologies are lacking.
TRIZ training through IID has provided a productive stroke to my capabilities and helping me in successfully achieving my aspirations and career goals.

TRIZ is spirit of mind in new age of human habitation.


Thank you.

 Best Regards,



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